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There is nothing we like better than to give back to the community. We would love to share your special event and provide one of a kind Coffee and Homemade Delicacies.


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( Location: USUAL WED ROUTE, 7-4pm, March 28, 2018 )

For the best 5 years you have made running a business the most fun, rewarding job I could ever have wished for! Your support,
encouragement, loyalty, love, friendship! It has been the most amazing 5 years, far better than I have dreamed of! And because you keep us busy, we will celebrate on a weekday this year!
Stop by and celebrate with us!! We will be serving at our usual Wed route and as every birthday celebration, cupcakes and brigadeiros are my treat!




( Location: MY OFFICE AND MORE, 122 E Main St, Lakeland, Florida 33801, 1-3pm, April 21, 2018 )

How well do you know your coffee??? Are you able to distinguish between Drica’s, Starbucks, D&D, Mitchel’s Folger’s Patriot’s , etc, etc, etc?
Join us for a fun and educational time about the coffee you drink!
We will start with a BLIND TASTE sipping coffee from different places around Lakeland and then talk about the CHERRIES, BEANS. From Soil, region, different kind of cherries, to processing methods!! and all the differences so you can know for SURE what you really like!
This is a part 1 of a 2 parts tastings!

Tickets: $25 per class




( Location: MY OFFICE AND MORE, 122 E Main St, Lakeland, Florida 33801, 1-3pm, May 12, 2018 )

Do you really prefer dark roast? WHY?? Do you prefer blend or single origins? do you prefer floral? sweet? chocolaty? do you follow trends and have ALL kinds of coffee makers or keep it simple?
Let’s talk about our taste buds, what we like, if all these brewing methods make a difference and why roasters are going for medium roast.

Tickets: $25 per class (Spaces are limited)




( Location TBA, 10-12pm June 9, 2018 )

This is HAPPENING!!!!! Let’s share THE LOVE and bring our favorite treat to share with others!!!
The event is SIMPLE! Let us know you’re attending AS A BAKER and what treat you will bake and share! We will bring our treats to the event and exchange with the other bakers
So who is in?
OF COURSE we will provide coffee