Coffee is my passion!

A hot, freshly roasted, ground and brewed cup of coffee is a game changer. It can be an ice breaker, deal maker, energy booster, reset button, the start of a friendship, a partnership.


Coffee has been part of the human evolution and connection for centuries and now more than ever before, consumers have become more aware of what makes a perfect cup of coffee!!! For this reason, I have made my mission to provide our community with such an essential component of our daily lives.

What is special about our coffee?

In one word, it is FRESH!!!! It is specialty coffee because it comes from small plantations, it is roasted in small batches, customized to its individual batch peak and it is roasted within a week before brewing and pouring in your cup. It does not get better than this.


coffee-cupFresh also means: Both espresso shots extraction and brewed coffee received UNDIVIDED attention. Nothing stays in between our baristas and your coffee. Time is everything and we make sure there is no “sitting” time. Your coffee is always hot, crisp, with an inviting aroma and velvety body. It is not only the caffeine kick. It’s a trickledown effect, starting with freshness and ending with the “Feel Great” sensation we all need and want.

Drica’s coffee awakens your senses! There is a cup for all tastes: bold or mild, espresso beverages, french press and free pour brewing methods. The freshly roasted and ground beans incite your nose and make your mouth water.


Why are we different?

Drica’s Favorites offers a higher quality of beans. Our coffee comes from small farms, We respect the bean’s individuality, so each batch is roasted according to the beans peak, which assurance a balance between the acidity and intensity and maintain the integrity of the coffee’s body, flavor and aroma.


The majority of our coffee comes from DIRECT TRADE. Our roaster goes to the farmers to personally build a relantionship with them, to know how they grow the coffee and to choose the beans. There is a minimum amount of stops between your cup of coffee and the coffee tree!


Drica’s team are Certified Baristas. Certified Baristas are experts in producing espresso and espresso based beverages. They possess a vast amount of coffee knowledge to assure that you have an extraordinary experience and you receive the exact product you want.


coffee-beansWhat we offer:

Simplicity, quality and consistency. Every day, every cup, every time. We offer Coffee from Central and South America, Africa, Indonesia and the Pacific. Different brewing methods: regular paper filter brewed, French Presses and single cup free pour over.