It’s just past noon when Adriana “Drica” Mellas pulls her marigold-colored step-van onto an empty lot on the outskirts of downtown Lakeland.


In no time, the Italian-made Nuova Simonelli is in high pitch, belching shots of perfect espresso, the beans an exotic blend from Ethiopia and Sumatra sourced from a roaster in the Midwest.

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For those who don’t know, Drica’s Favorites offers freshly roasted coffee, handcrafted espresso beverages and homemade delicacies. The coffee comes from small farms, mostly direct trade. The handcrafted espresso shots are manually tamped and timed to assure a slow and uniform espresso shot, and the homemade delicacies come from Mellas’ grandmother’s original recipes.

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You’ve heard of food trucks, but have you ever heard of coffee trucks?

Adriana Mellas, also known as Drica, is from Brazil and knows her coffee. Her new truck, Drica’s Favorites, will specialize in super fresh gourmet coffee and treats. This new truck is perfect for a quick afternoon pick-me-up or something sweet to partner with your cappuccino.

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There have been portable sushi trucks, moving burger stands, and rolling hotdog carts but now….now, there’s Drica’s Favorites- a mobile café hitting the streets in Lakeland, Florida.
Adriana Mellas, better known to family and friends as Drica, knew long before launching Drica’s Favorites that she wanted to open a specialty coffee shop. “I wanted to offer specialty brewed coffee, handcrafted espresso beverages and homemade delicacies from my grandmother’s recipes books,” Mellas explained.

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