About Drica

Drica’s Favorites Specialty Coffee Boutique is the 1st mobile café in Polk County. Our mission is to offer specialty coffee and handcrafted espresso beverages to our community with the convenience of coming to you. As a mobile café, Drica’s Favorites travels along Shepherd Road and S. Florida Avenue, stopping at business centers and parking lots, delivering fresh roasted brewed specialty coffee and homemade delicacies in a timely efficient, convenient new way!!! Drica’s Favorites is the expression of my passion, knowledge, expertise, and desire to serve the best coffee to my community.

Who is Drica?

Adriana2Drica is a nickname given to me by family and friends and is short for Adriana. The coffee and pastries that I serve are all my favorites and have been handpicked especially for my customers. For that reason, I cannot think about a better name for my business than Drica’s Favorites. Looking back, growing up in Brazil and spending vacations with my grandparents, these two items have always been a constant in my life: coffee and my grandmother “Nana” recipes. I remember as a child, whether we were hosting friends, visiting them or attending a biz meeting, the first question was: Voce aceita um cafezinho? (would you like some coffee?) and only after that the conversation would begin.


Cafezinho – As a little girl, I was a budding entrepreneur. But, instead of a lemonade stand, I had a REAL retail store selling miniature pottery pots and pans to my friends’ parents, out of my grandmother’s garage, and I clearly remember having a carafe of fresh coffee to offer my “customers”!! As a teenager, I dreamed to come to the USA as an exchange student and experience the “American way of Life.” It took a little longer, but in 1995 I made it to Pennsylvania to attend the MBA program at Wilkes University. Fast forward, and 17 years later, I am still experiencing the “American way of life”, and daring to live yet another dream…




So, Drica’s Favorites is just a natural next step. I have worked for large corporations like Walt Disney World, as well as small businesses and of course, managed specialty coffee houses in NYC. Throughout all these years, there are 2 comments that have always followed me:
– How did you end up in Wilkes-Barre, PA and…

– Being Brazilian, you must know your coffee.

I will save the finding Wilkes-Barre story for another occasion, but the second one? YES I am Brazilian and YES: I DO KNOW MY COFFEE.

My Promise

My promise is to serve the community and enrich the lives of my customers by consistently providing quality specialty coffee and fresh homemade delicacies.

At Drica’s Favorites, we believe in…

  • Starting the day on a positive note
  • Kindness to each other and our customers
  • Encouraging others to pursue their passion
  • Building strong relationships in our community
  • Integrity in everything we do both on and off the job
  • Commitment to serve the best coffee and delicacies
  • Loyalty to standards of Excellence
  • Giving back to our community